Day 1, Session Block B

10:45 Policies for Energy-efficient Construction and Refurbishment

Chair: Ian Miller, Pretium Anderson Building Engineers, Canada

Refurbishment of building envelopes on a district level

  • Advantages of refurbishment on a district level
  • Business models and tools for decision-making
  • Transforming the energy refurbishment of districts

Jure Erzen, Local energy agency of Gorenjska, Slovenia

True value of building envelope retrofits

  • Building envelope retrofits
  • Hidden costs and value
  • Cost-benefit analysis to determine the payback for retrofits

Ian Miller, Pretium Anderson Waterloo Inc., Breslau, Canada

Market potential and acceptance of BIPV solutions

  • Building integrated PV (BIPV) market in urban renewal
  • Specific retrofit project
  • Acceptance model of BIPV solutions

Martin Boesiger, Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale de Fribourg, Switzerland

Impact of a window rating system on the performance of windows

  • Improving the energy efficiency of a building with high-performance windows
  • Impact of the window rating system on the building energy performance
  • Increasing the window performance with a rating system

Minjung Bae, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, South Korea

Envelope design optimization for building refurbishment

  • Analysis of refurbishment options
  • Budgets and amortization
  • Refurbishment of listed buildings

Raul Corrales, Bureau d’Ingénieurs Fenêtres & Façades, Lausanne, Switzerland


12:30 Lunch