Day 2, Session Block A

BIPV 4 - Architectural Integration of Solar Technologies into the Building Skin

Chair: Cinzia Abbate, AeV Architetti, Rome, Italy

A size-flexible, shade robust photovoltaic system for integration in roofs and façades
  • Requirements for PV installation at roofs and façades with partial shading
  • Design of a size-flexible, shade robust PV module
  • Building integration opportunities of the new system

Josco Kester, ECN Solar Energy, Netherlands

Design of a photovoltaic sliding shutter for a historic mansion
  • Façade integrated photovoltaics
  • Coloured photovoltaics modules
  • Heritage conservation and energy

Stephen Wittkopf, Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture, Horw, Switzerland

Symbiosis between solar technologies in the building envelope
  • The thermodynamic technology for the production of hot water
  • Flexible photovoltaics as solar curtain
  • How personal production increases awareness on energy consumption

Chiara Tonelli, Dip. di Architettura, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

Simple models for architecture with BIPVT or BIST
  • Architectural integration of photovoltaic-thermal (BIPVT) and solar thermal systems (BIST)
  • Simulation models adressing these challenges
  • Building processes including BIPVT or BIST

Christoph Maurer, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Freiburg, Germany

Transformation of a historical coal bunker into a solar power station using multi-colored BIPV
  • Measuring the output on roof and northern/southern façade
  • Second-life battery system from used e-car batteries
  • Maximising self-use of generated power on-site

Kerstin Müller, baubüro in situ ag, Basel, Switzerland

10:00 Coffee Break