BIPV 1 - Energy Performance of Façades with Photovoltaics : ABS

Day 1, Session Block A

8:30 Opening:

Andreas Hempel, International Academy of Architects; former President Association of German Architects BDA Walter Steinlin, President, Commission for Technology and Innovation, Bern, Switzerland

9:15 Keynote:

Justin Hall-Tipping, Chief Executive Officer, Nanoholdings, Rowayton, CT, USA

10:00 Coffee Break

BIPV 1 - Energy Performance of Façades with Photovoltaics

Chair: Heiko Schwarzburger, Editor-in-chief, photovoltaik, Berlin, Germany

Envelope performance analyses for low energy buildings with BIPV
  • Design methods for sustainable, high‐performance building façades
  • Performance simulation of the building envelope
  • Performance‐driven façade design: complex geometry and case study projects

Alejandro Stochetti, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Benefits of translucent building envelope made of DSC-integrated glassblocks
  • Design of the new building envelope made of innovative PV glassblocks
  • Energy performance simulations on current state
  • Energy performance simulations on the new BIPV envelope

Luisa Pastore, Dip. di Architettura, Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy

Holistic evaluation system for BIPV façades
  • Main and sub criteria
  • Excel-Tool for the holistic evaluation
  • Planning Guide

Maria Roos, Fraunhofer IWES, Kassel, Germany

Glazed photovoltaic-thermal component for building envelope structure
  • Photovoltaic-thermal collector based on polysiloxane encapsulation
  • Electric and thermal performance
  • Application potential in buildings

Tomas Matuska, Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

Energy, daylight and thermal analysis of a geodesic dome with a photovoltaic envelope
  • Estimation and optimization of the electricity production of the PV system
  • Optimization of the transparent-opaque envelope configuration for daylight control
  • Simulation of internal air temperature

Marco Lovati, Institute for Renewable Energy, EURAC Research, Bolzano, Italy

12:15 Brief Presentations: Integrating Solar Technologies into the Building Envelope

Solar-driven form finding - Functionality and aesthetics of a solar integrated building envelope

Walter Klasz, Institute of Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Designing energy generating building envelopes

Daniel Mateus, CIAUD, Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Building skins for the i-Generation: Vision - Design - Product

Stefano de Angelis, deltaZERO, Lugano-Paradiso, Switzerland

The importance of the basic material research for the development of innovative BIPV

Michele Pellegrino, CR ENEA Portici, Italy

Technical challenges for the cell interconnection in a customized BIPV module

Wendelin Sprenger, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Freiburg, Germany

12:30 Lunch