Day 2, Session Block B

Energy-Efficient Building Refurbishment

Chair: Alex Terzich, HGA Architects & Engineers, Minneapolis, USA

Holistic Refurbishment
  • Optimizing energy and comfort
  • Interface between buildings and their users
  • Integrated climate and energy concept

Stefan Oehler, Werner Sobek, Frankfurt, Germany

Differential rates of change as an opportunity in façade replacement
  • Case study: Walker Art Center
  • Case study: Emerson process management
  • Case study: 3M Building 220

Alex Terzich, HGA Architects & Engineers, Minneapolis, USA

Smart façades for existing, non-residential buildings: An assessment
  • Smart façade technologies
  • Building façade retrofits for near zero-energy
  • Proposal for a prefabricated retrofit composite smart façade module

Konstantinos Panopoulos, International Hellenic University, Thermi, Greece

Energy performance of existent external walls in Istanbul
  • History of building construction in Turkey
  • Maintenance techniques used for improving the thermal performance
  • Research outcomes and future implications

Özlem Karagöz, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Timber passive solar façade – an adapative façade for the refurbishment of existing buildings
  • Retrofitting strategies with low environmental impact and high energy efficiency
  • Optimisation process through a long-term outdoor test
  • Thermal performance under different boundary conditions and in a real test case

Antonio Spinelli, Dep. of Architecture and Design, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Integrating structural glass systems in historic building facades
  • Transparency in contemporary architecture
  • The adaption of glass structured annexes onto historic buildings

Meltem Nevzat, Dept. of Architecture, International University, Haspolat, Cyprus

10:00 Coffee Break