Utilisation des PCM dans les bâtiments pour économiser l’énergie et réguler les charges thermiques

Chair: Jan Kosny, Building Enclosure Program Lead, Fraunhofer USA, Boston, MA, USA

Application of phase-change materials in buildings
  • Application of PCM on existing buildings at city of Alkhobar
  • Survey of current insulation materials and HVAC systems
  • Comparison using cooling load calculation between the existing insulation and the new one

Rami Alsayed, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Year-round comfortable environment in a multi-storey building by melting and solidification of PCM
  • Winter heating of the structure using wax solidification
  • Summer cooling using wax melting
  • Effect of the changing of solidification and melting temperatures

Vadim Dubovsky, Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel

Optimization of PCMs installed on walls and ceilings for light-weight residential buildings
  • The different roles of PCMs in winter and in summer
  • Effects of variable set points to maximize charging/discharging of PCMs and energy savings
  • Thermal comfort implications when PCMs are installed in buildings

Paulo Tabares, Univ. of Denver, Colorado, USA

Aerogel insulation enhanced with phase change material for energy conservation in structures
  • Overview of thermal management solutions
  • Development of Aerogel/PCM
  • Testing and results

George Gould, Aspen Aerogels, USA

Implementation and application of a PCM model in a hygro-thermal building simulation software
  • State of the art on PCM modeling and PCM influence on building performance
  • Implementation of a PCM module in a hygro-thermal building simulation software
  • Application examples

Matthias Winkler, Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, Germany

Measuring thermal storage properties of PCMs
  • Evaluation of the thermal performance of PCMs
  • Measuring thermal storage properties of PCM products
  • Standard test method and the use of PCMs in North America

David W. Yarbrough, R&D Services, Cookeville, Tennessee, USA

17:45 End of Conference Day 1