Lessons learned from the Solar Decathlon Competitions 2014 and 2015

Chair: Hans-Martin Henning, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Technologies, Freiburg, Germany

Photovoltaic technologies used in the prototypes of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014
  • Analysis of different photovoltaic systems used in the SDE2014 prototypes
  • Integration of the PV system into the building skin of the prototypes
  • Aesthetic impact analysis of the photovoltaic systems

Núria Sánchez-Pantoja, Dep. of Mechanical and Building Engineering, University Jaume I, Castelló, Spain

The Ekihouse: an energy self-sufficient house based on passive design strategies
  • Energy design optimization
  • Construction and structural description, transport, and assembly
  • Integration of active systems and renewable energy sources

Rufino Hernéndez, Architecture Faculty, University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain

NexusHaus: prototype for a green alley flat
  • The Solar Decathlon USA 2015 project
  • Self-sustaining solar house
  • Prototype for an affordable accessory dwelling unit in Austin

Petra Liedl, School of Architecture, Univrsity of Texas at Austin, USA

RhOME for denCity - Inertial mass for lightweight drystone stratigraphy
  • Use of mass as thermal shock absorber
  • Digital simulations of thermal behaviour between lightweight and heavy envelopes
  • Experimental tests in climate chamber for summer conditions

Chiara Tonelli, Dep. of Architecture - University of Roma TRE, Rome, Italy

The Solar Decathlon knowledge for new urban development strategies
  • Housing emergency: a densification adaptive methodology
  • Adaptive construction solutions for urban regeneration
  • Climatic cities' resilience from local sustainable potential

Ilaria Montella, Dep. of Architecture - University of Roma TRE, Rome, Italy

A critical review of the Solar Decathlon: origins, evolution, and future
  • The competition from 2002 through 2015
  • Thematic trends and competition contest evolution
  • Future contest changes, predicted and proposed

Jamie Russell, School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering; EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

15:30 Coffee Break