Day 2, Session Block D

Sustainable Cities: New Developments and Practical Operation

Chair: Leo W.M. Lau, Green Energy Technology R&D Center, Chengdu, China

Design of a zero-carbon town-subdivision in Dongxiang in China
  • National and global impacts of sustainable town-development in China
  • Master plan of sustainable development of Dongxiang municipality
  • Detailed design of a 50-acres zero-carbon town-subdivision in Dongxiang

Jun Mei, Chengdu Green Energy and Green Manufacturing Technology R&D Center, Chengdu, China

Low and zero energy buildings - towards green cities in Australia
  • Evolution of green buildings in Australia
  • Exemplars of latest green buildings in Australia
  • Grouping green buildings into a green city and relevant challenges

A.B. Sproul, School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Sustainable town development - the case of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city in the perspective of materials and building engineering
  • Background, current status, and future of the Tianjin Eco-city
  • Green homes in the Tianjin Eco-city
  • Materials and building engineering of Tianjin Eco-city's green homes

Quan Jiang, China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

Zero-energy urban quarter: experiences and results from a university teaching course
  • Zero-energy urban quarters: state of the art
  • Optimization of buildings to passive house standards
  • Derivation of general design rules for zero energy urban quarters in moderate climates

Udo Dietrich and Lena Knoop, HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany

Energy self-sufficient Otaniemi campus
  • Why energy self-sufficient campus in Otaniemi by 2030?
  • Different aspects to energy self-sufficiency
  • Roadmap and business model of eco-campus 2030

Satu Kankaala, Development Manager, Environment and Sustainability, Aalto University Properties Ltd., Espoo, Finland

10:00 Coffee Break