14:00 Advanced Building Skin Design 1

Chair: Russell Gilchrist, Gensler, Chicago, USA

Methods and technologies for advanced building skin design
  • Effective and efficient design methods
  • Self-conditioning façades (SCF): concept and challenges
  • Ultralight façade technologies and their benefits for industry

Fabian Schmid, seele GmbH, Gersthofen, Germany

Advanced performances and construction processes with parametrical design – The Generali Tower, Milan
  • Double façade to achieve high thermal and acoustic performances
  • Achieving a balance between formal, technical and economical drivers
  • Designing under a tight budget

Paolo Zilli, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, United Kingdom

Adapting façade design to different climatic zones
  • Designing envelope response according to site context
  • Relationship of façade approach to building systems
  • Performance indicators and building code compliance

Russell Gilchrist, Gensler, Chicago, USA

Self-supporting free-form structures made of individual sheet metal panels
  • Free-form façades composed of individually formed sheet metal panels
  • Combination of automated metal forming processes
  • Lightweight structural design achieved by principles of structural morphology

Thorsten Pofahl, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Innovative building skins engineered – Recent projects in the USA
  • Molded branding ductal facades – Louis Vuitton Aventura Florida
  • Twisted cast terracotta second skin – Nike flagship store Manhattan
  • Riveted free-form metal Art – tessellated envelopes Texas

Wilfried Laufs, Laufs Engineering Design, Long Island City, NY, USA

15:30 Coffee Break