14:00 Biomimetics: Bio-inspired Materials and Technologies for the Building Skin

Chair: Anders Nereim, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Leaf veneration patterns to regulate translucent exothermic material
  • Fluidic resistance targeting
  • Vasculature fluidic networks

Mark Alston, University of Salford, United Kingdom

Load-responsive skin systems for lightweight architecture
  • Functionally graded and topologically optimized integrated skins
  • Lightweight load-responsive envelopes inspired by the biological role-model of Trabecular Bone
  • Additive manufacturing as a means of fabrication and optimal material organization

Roberto Naboni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Strategies and possible applications scenarios for bio-inspired building envelopes
  • A taxonomic classification of the functional properties of the building envelope
  • Information transfer between biology and the functional properties of the building envelope

Enes Yasa, NEU, Konya, Turkey

Biomimicry in architecture: Effect of responsive autonomous architectural envelopes on energy efficiency
  • The biomimetic architecture and the kinetic envelope response to the materials thermal behavior
  • The energy efficiency and kinetic envelope using bimetallic strip
  • Study of the bimetallic strips material reaction to the environmental conditions

Hicham Hadbaoui, Laboratoire Architecture Bioclimatique et Environnement (ABE), Elhamel, Algeria

15:30 Coffee Break