16:00 Effects of Glare off Glass and PV on Building Façades

When buildings attack - Death ray buildings
  • Building design avoiding solar reflectivity issues
  • Death ray buildings
  • Fryscrapers

Vicente Montes-Amoros, CDC Inc., Leesburg, USA

Glare caused by PV panels on building façades in dense urban areas
  • PV and reflective glazed façades
  • High dynamic range renderings in multiple locations

Rania Labib, Texas A&M University, Houston, USA

Glare effects from sunlight reflected off the building envelope
  • Legal situation
  • Glare potential and assessment methods
  • Reflection properties

Mattia Battaglia, Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, Switzerland

Is it stone or is it glass? And will it blind me?
  • Challenges of glass design in the UK
  • Design of staggered mullions with non-linear façade primary structure
  • Assessment of solar reflectance and risk of solar dazzle on adjacent highway

Miriam Butti, Ramboll UK, London, United Kingdom

17:30 End of Conference