Day 2, Session Block C

08:30 Parametric Design for Sustainable Architecture

Chair: Mitsuhiro Udagawa, Prof. Emeritus, Dep. of Architecture, Kogakuin University, Japan

Optimization methods applied to glazing façades for sustainable buildings
  • Optimization process of a parametric design through genetic algorithms
  • Solar protection and visual comfort optimization
  • Dynamic energy simulation of glazed façade

Clara Vite, University of Genova, Italy

Modular façade kit system for Net Zero Energy settlements
  • Integration of energy components into façade kit system
  • Innovative Process Information Modeling (PIM) approach
  • Robot-oriented off-site manufacturing and assembly process

Wen Pan, Technical University of Munich, Germany

A parametric design approach to building integrated solar collectors
  • Multi-functional façade system that generates on-site renewable energy
  • Energy analysis of re-cladding a high-rise building with a folded BISC system
  • Digital parametric tools pairing environmental analysis with geometric form finding

Simone Giostra, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Parametric System
  • Individual three-dimensional façade design system
  • Optimization of energy consumption in buildings
  • Solar input as design factors

Andreas Fuchs, FAT LAB Stuttgart, Germany

Form finding of integrated PV on organic horizontal building envelopes using parametric study
  • Renewable energy and improvement of environmental condition
  • Parametric study on integrated PV and organic horizontal building envelopes
  • Novel strategy and solution for designing roof tops in tropical urban environment

Firza Utama, Sjarifudin Bina, Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia

10:00 Coffee Break