Session A7 : ABS

16:00 Adaptive Building Skins for Energy Saving and User Comfort

Chair: Roberta Cocci Grifoni, University of Camerino, Italy

Design and evaluation of a prototype responsive wall system
  • Building envelope, wall panel
  • Phase change materials, climate responsive design
  • Building façade technology

Giuseppe Losco, University of Camerino, Italy

Experimenting with sustainable building skins in an existing building
  • Towards NZEB in the University Campus at the Technical University Madrid
  • Sustainable experimental skins installed in an existing building
  • Reducing energy consumption and improving indoor thermal comfort

Francesca Olivieri, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Dynamic simulation of a solar air heater and experimental measurements
  • Solar air heater solution incorporating photovoltaic glass
  • Experimental measurements using a test cell
  • Validation of a dynamic simulation model

Nuno Simões, ITeCons, Coimbra, Portugal

Modeling and simulation of complex façade systems
  • Simulation of luminous and energy performance of complex façades
  • Model parameters, simulation settings, façade characteristics
  • Climate-based daylight modeling

Sergio Altomonte, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK

Adaptive forms and materials for energy efficient buildings skins
  • Adaptive building skins for a high indoor and outdoor comfort level
  • Design with performance-based form-finding methods
  • Energy performance in different climate zones

Monica Rossi-Schwarzenbeck, HTWK Leipzig, Germany

I-M Cool: I-Mesh cool façade to reduce the urban heat island effect
  • Cool façades using a thermal computational fluid dynamics tool
  • Effect of I-MESH on urban heat island phenomenon
  • Assessing the urban thermal climate index in the urban canyon

Federica Ottone, University of Camerino, Italy

17:30 End of Conference