Session E7 : ABS

16:00 Performance Modeling of BIPV Systems

Chair: Maider Machado, Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Spain

BIM-based software tool for BIPV systems simulation
  • Integrated photovoltaic-building approach
  • "Software as a Service" model with specific BIM plugins
  • Earliest integration into the architectural design

Philippe Alamy, CADcamation, Switzerland

A design tool for customized BIPV in a BIM-based process
  • Design tool for the early design phase of BIPV
  • BIPV component design customization
  • Interoperability with a BIM-based process

Francesco Frontini, University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland

Methodologies and tools for BIPV implementation in the early stages of architectural design
  • Energy production, economic indicators, daylighting
  • Heating and cooling demand, use of natural ventilation
  • Early design methodology

Marco Lovati, EURAC, Italy

Performance assessment and modeling of various BIPV concepts
  • Performance of commercial BIPV roof concepts compared to a standard BAPV
  • Performance of BIPVT concepts with heat transport by liquid and by air
  • Performance analysis of several commercial BIPV façade concepts

Wiep Folkerts, SEAC, The Netherlands

IFC-based electricity simulation of a complex BIPV façade
  • Ray-tracing calculation of irradiance values on a façade based on an IFC file
  • Calculation of cell temperatures, cell IV-curves, system IV-curves and DC output
  • Calculation of AC output by considering inverters

Johannes Eisenlohr, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

17:30 End of Conference