Session C4 : ABS

Day 2, Session Block C

08:30 Kinetic Architecture and Dynamic Daylight Control

Chair: Anders Nereim, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Achieving daylight optimization and reducing cooling loads with kinetic façades
  • Kinetic shading to reduce cooling loads in the Gulf region
  • Designing the kinetic system
  • A quick hands-on design process

Jalal Semaan, Heriot-Watt University, UK

Bio-kinetic and power-collecting shading device
  • Climate adaptive façade system
  • Actuation mechanism
  • Biomimicry in combination with solar gain

Andreas Hammer, Mainz University, Germany

Programming and presenting time-based behavior of intelligent kinetic facades
  • Variable daylighting and shade control over time
  • Time based change actuators
  • Visual programming environment integrated into BIM

Anders Nereim, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Performance of automated solar shading with parametric design process
  • Parametric modeling and simulation for automated solar shading
  • Evaluation of daylight, lighting and cooling energy
  • Generating alternative design in early stage

Phetcharin Phongphetkul, Thammasat University, Thailand

Metereosensitive user-controllable skin for dynamic façades
  • Shape memory modular dynamic façade
  • Sun-responsive architecture for internal adaptive comfort
  • Zero-energy self-actuating structure and user controllability

Andrea Pilla, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Evaluation of energy and daylighting performance to inform adaptive shading systems
  • Multi-objective optimization of view, glare and solar gains
  • Optimal control of 2 degree-of-freedom shades
  • Integrating seasonal variability in envelope’s performance requirements

Victor Charpentier, Princeton University, USA

10:00 Coffee Break