Session C1 : ABS

Day 1, Session Block C

10:45 New Materials for the Building Skin

Chair: Valentina Puglisi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

High performance building envelopes with retro-reflective materials
  • Albedo control techniques improvement by retro-reflective materials
  • Retro-reflective materials
  • Energy and environmental opportunities and potentialities

Federico Rossi, CIRIAF, Perugia, Italy

Impact of the building envelope on energy footprint of closed greenhouses
  • A pseudo-dynamic energy model for closed greenhouse
  • Effects of two different greenhouse envelope materials on energy consumption
  • Polycarbonate with aerogel particles

Ronil Rabari, Simon Fraser University, Surrey, Canada

Improving the indoor air quality by using a surface emissions trap for exposure reduction
  • A new material for stopping emissions from building materials
  • Reduced energy consumption and improved indoor air quality
  • Examples from water-damaged buildings

Lennart Larsson, Lund University, Sweden

Design and sustainability: Aurum - a practical example
  • Hemp insulation
  • Indoor environmental quality

Oscar Stuffer, Solarraum, Bolzano, Italy

Facade4zero Waste: recyclable façade system with reclosable fastener fixation
  • Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems as a sorted recyclable façade system
  • Grip fixing instead of adhesive
  • Dust- and noise-reduced dismantling for reuse and recycling

Ferdinand Oswald, Institute of Architecture Technology, TU Graz, Austria

Brief Presentations

Energy-efficient building insulation with foam glass

Zhmagul Nuguzhinov, KazMIRR Institute of Reconstruction and Development, Kazakhstan

12:30 Lunch