Session D4 : ABS

Day 2, Session Block D

08:30 Models, Tools and Simulations for Sustainable Buildings

Chair: Fabian Ochs, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Evaluating multilayer lightweight building envelopes
  • Thermal properties of lightweight building envelopes
  • Investigation of transparent, translucent and opaque building envelopes

Walter Haase, ILEK, Stuttgart, Germany

Building typology and solar energy harvesting potential
  • Analysis of thirty building typologies
  • Key design parameters for PV energy yield

Ji Zhang, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore

Tools and strategies to improve climate-driven façade design
  • Climate classification focused on human comfort
  • A web-based tool for climate data visualization and façade design
  • Passive strategies for high-performance façade design in the tropics

Rodrigo Velasco, Universidad Piloto de Colombia

Building performance simulation in architectural design
  • Barriers in the implementation of parametric simulation in the engineering industry
  • Quality of integrated design by working closer with architects
  • User interface, control of HVAC and indoor climate is found

Jon W. Strunge, Søren Jensen Rådg. Ing., Copenhagen, Denmark

Thermal comfort in buildings with advanced façade systems
  • Evaluation of building design parameters
  • Local thermal comfort analysis
  • Advanced façade system performance

Nicola Lolli, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Trondheim, Norway

Brief Presentations

Building simulation model based on collected environment data

Giuseppe Ardito, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Full-scale climate measurement around the building façade

Peter Juras, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UNIZA, Zilina, Slovakia

10:00 Coffee Break