Session C5 : ABS

10.45 Advanced Building Skin Design for Optimized Daylighting

Chair: Nelly Moenssens, Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium

Daylighting of indoor spaces and its effects on human circadian system
  • Energy efficient and daylight design concept
  • Applications of daylighting for indoor environment
  • Experiment in situ to evaluate circadian stimulations

Lucia Mankova, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

Advanced window/skylight solution utilizing sunlight directly for illumination
  • Advanced window solutions for offices and educational buildings in high latitudes
  • Designing for occupant’s performance
  • Window solutions for an educational building and a high rise office building

Barbara Szybinska Matusiak, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Day and night images of tensile building façades
  • Façade design for daytime and nighttime
  • Night lighting design for tensile constructions
  • Lighting design applications

Andrea Vargova, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

Space to gaze
  • Balancing light and shadow in the cavity
  • Merging high energy performance with high transparency
  • Extending the comfort zone at the building perimeter

Hans-Joachim Frey, iconic skin, Germany

Adaptive building skin design and audiovisual comfort inside and outside the buildings
  • Audio-visual comfort inside the buildings with kinetic façade
  • Influence of advanced building skin on noise and light pollution in urban context
  • Hypothesis on acoustically adaptive façade

Nelly Moenssens, Dep. of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium

Brief Presentations on Daylighting

Designing shading devices for highly glazed spaces

Vitaliya Mokhava, Lund University, Sweden

Design for and with daylight: Two healthcare façade applications in hot climates

Mili Kyropoulou, HKS Architects, Houston, USA

Daylight and thermal performance of single and double skin transparent façades

Katja Malovrh Rebec, Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Slovenia

Light/energy management films for advancing building energy efficiency

Sebastian Zehentmaier, 3M, Germany

Overheating in Nearly Zero Energy apartment buildings with glass façades

Hendrik Voll, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Performance evaluation of complex fenestration systems

Anton Hendrix, Lund University Faculty of Engineering, Sweden

12:30 Lunch