Session E5 : ABS

10.45 Cross-fertilization between Aesthetics and Performance of PV

Chair: Jonathan Govaerts, IMEC, Belgium

Reducing the effect of shadow on PV modules
  • Better aesthetics and improved performance under shadow conditions
  • Making use of standard back contact cell technology
  • Increased performance compared to other shade-improved concepts

Lenneke Slooff, ECN, The Netherlands

Improved PV modules for aesthetic building integration
  • Evolution in PV tiles: performance and aesthetics through improved cell-module technology
  • Specific materials for aesthetical considerations: impact on performance
  • Specific layouts for aesthetical considerations: impact on performance

Stefan Dewallef, Soltech, Belgium

Brick modules for improved aesthetics in PV
  • Changing the appearance of PV modules
  • PV in façades, rooftops and street gear

John van Roosmalen, ECN, The Netherlands

Performance and aesthetics of PV façades with new module technology
  • Design of PV façade with bifacial heterojunction cells interconnected with multi-wires
  • Results of two years’ monitoring

Karin Söderström, CSEM, Switzerland

Accurate modeling of BIPV-based energy generation
  • Assessing local and global electrical and thermal behavior
  • Extrapolation for advanced BIPV applications: varying cell technologies, module build-ups, environmental conditions

Hans Goverde, IMEC, Belgium

Arres-inroof-installation with high snow loads
  • Challenge and solution
  • Range of application

Paola Grenier, Solarmarkt, Switzerland

12:30 Lunch