Session C3 : ABS

16:00 Textile Architecture

Chair: Katja Bernert, Low and Bonar, Germany

Smart façades – innovations in textile architecture
  • Old challenges - new solutions
  • Developing new functions for proven membranes
  • New technologies in combination with well-tried fabrics

Patrycja Bosowski-Schönberg, Low and Bonar GmbH, Germany

Textile envelopes – surprising materials, surprising effects
  • Choosing the right façade materials for different projects
  • Effects of different materials in various applications
  • Engineering textile façades

Gerd Schmid, formTL, Germany

Tensile wrap for an office building in Ecuador
  • Merits of mesh fabrics for façade applications
  • Sun shading and wind shield
  • Using the mesh for movie projections

Katja Bernert, Low and Bonar GmbH, Germany

17:30 End of Conference Day 1