Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I present online?

A: We are not running online presentations as we have found through feedback from our participants that they prefer to meet with presenters and have face-to-face discussions. If we allowed presenters to join just online, this exchange of information among our participants would be lost. We have long coffee and lunch breaks to facilitate networking opportunities, which is one of the main objectives and key benefits of our conference.

Q: If I register but cannot attend the conference due to Covid travel restrictions, will I get a refund ?

A: If you should not be able to attend due to Covid 19 travel restrictions, we will credit paid registration fees to our conference next year.

Q: How many presentations can each speaker make?

A: Each speaker may present only one paper. If you have submitted two abstracts, one of your papers has to be presented by a different speaker, e.g. your co-author.

Q: Can I submit more than one abstract?

A: Yes, you can submit several abstracts, each with a different topic. As noted above, speakers may present only one paper. If both of your abstracts have been accepted for presentation, one of your papers has to be presented by a different speaker, e.g. your co-author.

Q: Is there a separate registration for a session chair and a speaker?

A: No, both must be registered as a speaker.

Q: When is the deadline for paper submissions?

A: The deadline for paper submissions is 31 August.

Q: My co-authors are not listed in the conference program.

A: We only publish the name of the registered speaker(s). The names of the speaker and the co-authors will be published in the final paper, i.e. in our conference proceedings.

Q: Our organization has two speakers attending the conference; can we only register one person?

A: No, both participants must register and pay the registration fee.

Q: My paper title and some of the bullet points have been shortened. Please have this changed back to the original.

A: We edit the title and the bullet points of presentations if they are too long. To publish our conference program, with over 150 presentations, we need brief titles and bullet points. This is also necessary for the translation of the conference program into six languages. In your manuscript (final paper) you can use the full title of your presentation.

Q: I will not be able to present the paper I have submitted; can my co-author present this on my behalf?

A: Yes, as long as you or your co-author have registered and paid the conference fee.

Q: Is it possible to register with the name of one speaker and change it later to another speaker?

A: Yes, the names of the speaker and the organization can be changed on our abstract submission page.

Q: Should the presentation follow exactly the submitted paper?

A: Presentations can be slightly different from the paper that will be published.

Q: How long does a presentation usually last?

A: A presentation usually goes on for 15 minutes.

Q: How long must a paper/manuscript be?

A: Papers should be at least three pages long and should not exceed ten pages.

Q: Do you cover registration fees, travel expenses or hotel accommodation for presenters?

A: No, the fees have to be covered by the presenter or his/her organization.

Q: When will the conference proceedings be available?

A: The proceedings will be available on the first day of the conference.

Q: Can speakers attend other conference sessions?

A: Yes, you may attend other sessions too. In fact, our registration procedure requires the selection of sessions for our two-day conference, even if you attend for only one day.

Q: I am a poster presenter. Do I have to register?

Y: Yes, please register as a speaker.

Q: Do you provide certificates for those who attended the conference?

A: Yes, a certificate of participation will be provided on the second day of conference only. Please note that we do NOT issue certificates AFTER the conference!

Q: Will our papers be peer reviewed?

A: Only paper proposals (abstracts) will be peer reviewed, not the final paper.

Q: Will the conference papers be published with an ISBN or ISSN publication?

A: Yes, our conference proceedings are published with an international ISBN number.

Q: Will the conference proceedings be submitted to indexing services such as Scopus?

A: Currently, our papers are not indexed in Scopus.

Q: Do you provide a letter of invitation that can help us apply for academic leave and a visa

A: Yes, letters of invitation are provided upon request. We send letters of invitation to conference participants who have registered and paid their registration fees.



Q: Are the conference proceedings free?

A: Yes, the proceedings are free for all attendees. The conference proceedings are included in the conference fees.

Q: Can we register by sending the information (name of participants) via email?

A: Email registrations cannot be accepted. All interested participants must sign up through the website.

Q: We would like to register for your conference; please send us your bank account details and an invoice with the registration fees.

A: All registrations have to go through our registration page. You will receive an invoice immediately after completing your online registration.

Q: When can we start to register for the conference?

A: Registration starts after we have published the final conference program at around mid-April. Before that, the registration page on our website is not available.

Q: Do you have information on hotels in Bern?

A: On our webpage How to get there you will find information on our partner hotels and at the end of the page a link to alternative accommodation.

Q: Do you provide certificates for those who attended the conference?

A: Yes, a certificate of participation will be provided on the second day of the conference only. Please note that we do NOT issue certificates AFTER the conference!

Q: When will I receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentations?

A: We will send a copy of the presentations to all participants four weeks after the conference.

Q: I would like to join your Conference Committee.

A: Please send us an email with your CV and a brief summary of your recent/current projects or research interests.

Q: I would like to participate at your conference. Do you provide financial support?

A: All expenses must be funded by your organization.


Payment and registration fees

Q: Can I change the method of payment from bank transfer to credit card instead?

A: Please send your request for the change of payment method to support(at)

Q: Do we receive an invoice upon registration for the conference fee?

A: Yes, an invoice is sent to your email address automatically upon registration. When you register, please use the name and address of your organization as it should appear on the invoice.

Q: Do you reimburse the registration fees if I don’t get financial support from my organization?

A: We don’t reimburse registration fees. Please make sure you will receive financial support from your organization before you register.

Q: On the invoice it says that payment has to be made within five days. Is a postponement of the conference fee payment possible?

A: Yes, upon request the five days can be extended to two weeks.

Q: My country does not allow payment by credit card or bank transfer because of foreign currency restrictions. How can I pay?

A: If you cannot pay by bank transfer or credit card, please try to pay through PayPal or TransferWise.


If your question is not answered by one of the above, please send your enquiry to questions [ at ]