Architectural Integration of Solar Thermal Technologies into the Building Skin

Chair: Stephen Wittkopf, Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture, Switzerland

Performance analysis of solar air heating systems for the refurbishment of commercial buildings
  • Performance assessment
  • Analysis of thermal behaviour during a one-year monitoring of a full-scale pilot plant
  • Performance comparison with buried pipes and heat recovery system

Benoit Sicre, School of Engineering and Architecture, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

Venetian blinds as a solar thermal collector in a mechanically ventilated transparent façade
  • Double skin façade simulation and performance analysis
  • Feasibility study on heat recovery in building façades
  • Building façade energy integration

Alfredo Guardo Zabaleta, Center for Industrial Diagnostics and Fluid Dynamics, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain

Integrating solar vacuum tubes in a high rise building façade
  • Architectural integration into the façade
  • Energy saving in hot water production system
  • Optimizing results with an easy maintenance access

Walid el Baba, Webco sarl, Beirut, Lebanon

Architectural integration of solar collectors made with ceramic materials
  • Design of a climate adaptive ceramic solar thermal collector for architectural integration
  • Constructive and energetic analysis of the ceramic solar façade system
  • Results of the construction and testing of prototype energy façade

Jordi Roviras Miñana, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Thermal analysis of a flat evacuated glass enclosure for building integrated solar applications
  • Designing the flat evacuated glass enclosure
  • Thermal analysis of the enclosure
  • Results and discussion

Trevor Hyde, Center for Sustainable Technologies, University of Ulster, UK

17:45 End of Conference