BIPV 5 - Innovative Business Models and Financing Mechanisms for PV Deployment

Chair: Zeger Vroon, PVPS Task 15, International Energy Agency, Paris, France

Transition towards sound business models for BIPV
  • Bridging the gap between building-related and PV-related business models
  • Does the BIPV market need support and regulations?
  • Do specific products demand specific business models?

Zeger Vroon, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands; International Energy Agency, PVPS Task 15

Unlocking the BIPV market
  • Current BIPV system prices
  • PV and BIPV competitiveness evolution
  • The evolution towards BIPV competitiveness

Gaëtan Masson, Director, Becquerel Institute, Belgium; International Energy Agency, PVPS Task

Fostering BIPV in the Mediterranean area
  • Spreading BIPV in Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East
  • Architectural and technological opportunities of BIPV in different climatic contexts
  • Economical and cultural barriers to BIPV

Giuseppe Desogus, University of Cagliari, Italy

Strategies to increase the deployment of PV in façades
  • Minimizing running costs through an all-side PV envelope
  • BIPV design studies
  • Process optimization in planning and realization of PV façades

Christian Renken, CR Energie Sarl, Collombey, Switzerland

12:30 Lunch