Day 1, Session Block D

8:30 Opening + Keynote

10:00 Coffee Break

Advanced Building Skin Design

Chair: Andreas Hempel, International Academy of Architects; former President Association of German Architects BDA

London Sky Garden
  • System design and geometrical challenges of the skylight
  • Structural system and design: How the structure was designed, calculated in detail and actually built
  • Installation process: Meeting the challenges of the location

Bernhard Rudolf, Head of Engineering, Josef Gartner GmbH, Germany

Unitised façade assemblies for high rise residential buildings
  • Cladding systems for high-rise residential buildings
  • Review of performance and efficiency in current practice
  • Development and application of a novel solution

Ron Fitch, Trimo UK Ltd.

The dynamic response of the semi-closed cavity skin to changing of load condition
  • Behavior of semi closed cavity to change thermal condition
  • Responsibility of semi-closed cavity to dynamic wind load
  • Constitution of the effective closed cavity facade in consideration product and building construction condition

Fumihiko Chiba, Dep. of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Technology, Toyohashi, Japan

Brief presentations: Advanced Building Skin Design

Innovative block on housing in the Mediterranean climate

Calogero Montalbano, Dep. of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Politecnico di Bari, Italy

Acceptance by durability: Quality assurance and insurance favour the use of innovative façades

Iris M. Reuther, Institute of Architectural Technology, Technische Universität Graz, Austria

Including traditional architectural elements to optimize building skin

Joan Ramon Dacosta Díaz, Dep. d’Ensenyament, Direcció General de Centres Públics, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Optimum solutions to satisfy preference façades and energy consumption of an office building

Ali Alajmi, Dep. of Power and Refrigeration Technology, College of Technological Studies, Mishref, Kuwait

Evolution of building envelopes through creating living characteristics

Elaheh Najafi, Dep. of Architecture and Urbanism, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

12:30 Lunch