New Materials for Energy-efficient Building Envelopes

Chair: Roberto Garay Martinez, Tecnalia, Spain

Performance assessment of advanced materials in architectural envelopes
  • Material science vs application-based research
  • Non-expected behavior
  • Full scale dynamic assessment methods

Roberto Garay Martinez, Sustainable Construction Division, Tecnalia, Spain

Investigations on vacuum insulation panels based on medium sized powders
  • Manufacturing of vacuum insulation panels with powder cores
  • Thermal performance as function of temperature, gas pressure and time
  • Cost/performance evaluation and comparison of vacuum insulation panels

Roland Capps, VA-q-Tec, Germany

Aerogel: a sustainable manufacture for building application
  • Importance of manufacturing process on final application
  • Aerogels in construction
  • Future trends and opportunities

Francisco Ruiz, KEEY Aerogel, France

Hygro-thermal performance assessment of prefabricated hemp-concrete walls
  • Experimental assessment of hemp-concrete walls
  • Coupled heat and moisture numerical simulation of hemp-concrete in real conditions
  • Use of bio based materials in buildings

Timea Bejat, CEA-Ines, France

Making thermal insulation adaptive
  • Unwanted heat trapping as a side effect of insulation
  • Making u-values switchable
  • A need for novel building control strategies

Nikolaus Nestle, BASF SE Advanced Materials and Systems, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Aerogel insulation in refurbishment
  • Review on aerogel material insulation possibilities
  • Properties of different aerogel insulation material configurations in retrofit applications
  • Optimum material definition for existing buildings

Michal Ganobjak, Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

12:30 Lunch