Parametric Design and Simulation of the Building Envelope

Chair: Stephen Wittkopf, Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture, Horw, Switzerland

Exchanges between physical computing and performative parametric models
  • Workflow development for modeling and simulation of kinetic building components
  • Integration between parametric modelling and physical computing
  • Fabrication constraints for integration of data acquisition and control into component prototyping

Mate Thitisawat, School of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Application of interactive 3D visualization and computation for energy appraisal: enhancing BIM practices in small companies
  • Visual simulation of energy appraisal for the built environment
  • Application of interactive 3D visualization for stakeholder engagement
  • Custom interactive 3D visualization tools to enhance BIM practices of small companies

Vladeta Stojanovic, Abertray University, Dundee, United Kingdom

Lighting performance simulation and adaptive control of an advanced building skin based on human behavior inputs
  • Adaptive building skin and human behavior inputs
  • Parametric associative design
  • Real time lighting analysis

Kristis Alexandrou, Dep. of Architecture, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

Climate-based control strategies of adaptable ventilated double skin façades to reduce energy consumption
  • Analysis of adaptable, climate-based operation modes of double skin façades
  • Possible control strategies of double skin façades
  • Parametric optimization of control settings for maximized energy performance

Adrienn Gelesz, ABUD Ltd, Budapest, Hungary

12:30 Lunch