Day 2, Session Block C

Improving the Envelope Performance with Materials

Chair: Andreas Hempel, International Academy of Architects; former President Association of German Architects BDA

Light weight panel for buildings: an integrated optimization process
  • A new type of platform frame
  • Integrated systems structure + covering: panel for building
  • Thermal and acoustic performance

Fabio Manzone, DISEG, Dep. of Structural, Geotechnical and Building Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Comparing the energy saving of timber frame cladding with PUR foam insulation
  • Energy-independence research of a timber-frame building clad in vertical gardens
  • Pillow house - a building object robotically made from PUR foam insulation
  • Evaluation of both approaches and possible further applications

Zdeněk Fránek, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Technical University Liberec, Czech Republic

A new stucco coating based on pearlescent pigments for improving wall thermal insulation
  • Goals of the new stucco
  • Design of the new stucco
  • Test of standard finishes vs the new stucco

Alessandro Premier, Dept. of Design and Planning in Complex Environments, Iuav University of Venice, Italy

Lime carbonation, environmental footprint and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis in mortar applications
  • Intelligent buildings absorbing CO2
  • Mineral solutions
  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Shtiza Aurela, Senior Advisor Sustanability & Innovation, European Lime Association, Brussels, Belgium

Soil as skin: ancient rammed earth and passive solar technologies in the modern age
  • Benefits of rammed earth and passive solar technologies and their combination
  • On site research, analysis and planning process
  • Construction process: challenges and adaptation to the local conditions

Martin Knap, Atlin, British Columbia, Canada

10:00 Coffee Break