Super Insulating Materials in Building Components and Systems

Chair: Daniel QUENARD, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment CSTB, France

VIP in building applications
  • Vacuum insulation panels integrated in an advanced ETICS
  • Building façade elements with high performance insulation core
  • Façade insulation with VIP combined with a wood battens system

Steffen Knoll, Porextherm GmbH, Germany

Advanced Aerogel composite insulation systems
  • Ramping-up manufacturing of new types of silica aerogel blankets and panels
  • Developing new aerogel based insulation systems for building insulation

Brice Fiorentino, Enersens, France

Benefits Silica technology in building applications
  • Thermal insulation panels based on Silica technology
  • Energy-efficient façade element as system solution
  • Case studies

Gabriele Gärtner, Evonik Industries AG, Germany

Evaluation of architectural VIP in Japan
  • Circumstances and expects to VIP in Japanese industrial fields
  • VIP in Japanese traditional houses
  • Thermal improvement of temporary dwellings with VIP

Atsushi IWAMAE, School of Architecture, Kindai University, Osaka, Japan

Application of Vacuum Insulation Panels in Canada’s North
  • Design and monitoring
  • Construction experience
  • New opportunities

Doug MacLean, Energy Solutions Centre, Whitehorse, Canada

15:30 Coffee Break