Day 1, Session Block C

10.45 3D Printing of the Building Envelope

Chair: Alireza Borhani, Dep. of Architecture, Texas A&M University, USA

Bio-inspired 3D printed kinematic responsive systems
  • Hygroscopic responsive shape changing materials for climate adaptive building skins
  • Bio-inspired 3DP material and kinematic strategies for responsive mechanisms
  • Possible applications and challenges for responsive building elements

David Correa, Institute for Computational Design (ICD), Stuttgart, Germany

3D printed flexible structures as self-transformable surfaces
  • Key decision nodes and methods for constituting a programmable environment
  • 3d printing - A new class of self-organized and self-transformable surfaces
  • Embedding programmable actuation and sensing into the materials

Alireza Borhani, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University, USA

Industrial 3D printing in the building industry
  • Current additive manufacturing innovations in concrete casting
  • Contour crafting, 3D printing and smart dynamic casting
  • Possible applications and solutions

Tobias King, voxeljet AG, Friedberg, Germany

12:30 Lunch