14:00 Building Design Optimization

Chair: Fabian Ochs, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Improving integrated building design with early design simulations
  • Early design simulations
  • Energy-efficient building
  • Integrated building design

Vladimir Jovanovic, io-consultants, Heidelberg

Building design process: design oriented or comfort oriented?
  • Passive optimization of buildings combined with active renewable systems
  • Comfort oriented building design method
  • Design rules for daylight, natural ventilation, overheating protection

Udo Dietrich, HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany

Parametric optimization of frit patterns, self-shading, and wind resistance in tall buildings
  • Building envelope self-shading and reflective ceramic frits can be varied using BIM parameters
  • Building wind resistance can be visualized and varied using BIM parameters in a software wind tunnel
  • Optimization of shading and wind resistance using visual programming

Anders Nereim, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Method for creating a standard office plan based on the representative floor area
  • Method for creating an office building plan
  • Investigation of plans of the representative floor in office buildings in Tokyo

Miki Kanamori, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

15:30 Coffee Break