10.45 Integrating Solar Thermal Systems into the Building Skin

Chair: Roberto Garay Martinez, Tecnalia, Spain

Architectural integration and design of solar thermal system
  • Architectural integration issues and solar systems characteristics affecting integration quality
  • Derived solar thermal products “integrability” features
  • From solar thermal collectors integration to complete active envelope systems

Maria Cristina Munari Probst, LESO-PB, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Integrated solar thermal systems for renovation of external walls
  • Integrated solar thermal systems in sandwich panel constructions
  • Assessment of modular glazed solar thermal envelopes
  • Multi-source heat pumps coupled with solar-thermal façades

Roberto Garay Martinez, Tecnalia, Spain

Design and construction of a novel building envelope cladding with integrated pipework
  • Integration into ventilated façade systems
  • Numerical assessment
  • Experimental assessment in test bench

Paul Bonnamy, Nobatek, France

Experimental validation of a new climate-adaptive façade panel
  • Lab-scale prototypes of adaptive façade panels for experimental validation
  • Control algorithms to optimize solar energy harvesting and storage
  • Thermosiphon vertical integration into façades

Timea Béjat, CEA LITEN, France

New high-performance solar air-heating façade technology
  • Durable high-temperature façade-integrated solar air heater technology
  • Freedom to vary color, texture and panel geometry

Richard Hall, Energy Transitions Limited, Pontypridd, United Kingdom

12:30 Lunch