Day 1, Session Block E

10.45 Innovative Products and Technologies for the Building Skin

Chair: Valentina Puglisi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Aerogel glazing units for high performance building envelopes
  • Translucent aerogel glazings as a new building envelope component
  • Architecturalization and building integration of aerogel glazings
  • Aerogel glazings for thermal and daylighting management

Tao Gao, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Sustainable bioplastics-based cladding
  • Decision-makers in cladding product selection
  • Most decisive product attributes

Daniel Friedrich, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Multiple requirements combined in a curved single skin unitized façade with fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • FRP material science and application-based research
  • Fire-resistance, air- and water tightness of an FRP façade
  • Contradictory requirements in a curved light-weight single skin unitized FRP façade

Christiaan de Wolf, DGMR Bouw BV, Den Haag, Netherlands

High-performance smart textiles for tensile structures
  • High performance textiles for tensile structures
  • Smart fabrics signaling misuse
  • Smart fabrics for pressure, temperature and strain monitoring

Pieter Heyse, Centexbel, Belgium

Passive Infrared Night Cooling (PINC) at the Energy Efficiency Center
  • Innovative cooling system with passive cooling mechanisms
  • Monitoring data from real-life installation

Michaela Reim, ZAE Bayern, Würzburg, Germany

Brief Presentations

Innovative materials and technologies for refurbishment of the building envelope

Renata Morbiducci, University of Genova, Italy

12:30 Lunch