Day 1, Session Block D

10.45 Façade Integrated HVAC components

Chair: Matteo D'Antoni, EURAC, Bolzano, Italy

Façade integrated HVAC systems for the renovation of residential buildings
  • Thermal renovation and HVAC integration
  • Energy simulation
  • Cost analyses

David Venus, AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies, Gleisdorf, Austria

Active roofs and façades
  • Wall-integrated HRV
  • BIPV
  • Summergarden

Vicke Aagesen, Cenergia, Denmark

Prefabricated timber-frame envelopes for building retrofit with integrated ventilation, heating system and building services
  • Timber-frame façade
  • MVHR & Micro-heat pump
  • Prefabrication

Sebastian Hernandez, Gumpp & Maier, Germany; Fabian Ochs, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Integration of a sorption collector coupled with a decentralized mechanical ventilation unit in curtain wall modules
  • Solar-active envelope
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Decentralized mechanical ventilation

D'Antoni Matteo, EURAC, Bolzano, Italy

Daylight-driven and user-centered lighting and energy management
  • Integrated control
  • Daylight and artificial lighting
  • Human-centric lighting

Wilfried Pohl, Bartenbach GmbH, Austria

12:30 Lunch