Session B7 : ABS

16:00 Aerogel-based Solutions for the Building Envelope

Chair: Samuel Brunner, EMPA, Switzerland

Zero Energy Buildings with high-performance façades
  • Envelope with aerogel insulation
  • Vacuum insulation glass
  • Phase changing material (PCM)

Dietrich Schwarz, Dietrich Schwarz Architekten AG, Zürich, Switzerland

Aerogel-based superinsulation: New opportunities and solutions
  • Current situation dominated by high process cost
  • New solutions towards scalable manufacturing and low-cost aerogels
  • Product development efforts using granulate-based platform technologies

Matthias Koebel, Empa, Switzerland

The future of sustainable chemical and materials development
  • New technologies – new risks
  • Sustainable development of new materials: aerogels

Harald Krug, NanoCASE, Switzerland

High-performance aerogel concrete
  • Challenge: combining high compressive strength with low thermal conductivity
  • Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) with silica aerogel granulate
  • Multi-storage houses without additional isolation

Lorenz Ratke, Institute of Materials Research, DLR Cologne, Germany

Results from real-life performance assessment of aerogel blankets in buildings
  • Case studies collected in the context of the project IEA EBC Annex 65
  • Aerogel blankets used in new walls and retrofits
  • Barriers for scaling up the technology

Pär Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

17:30 End of Conference