Session D6 : ABS

14:00 Building Information Modeling

Chair: Manfred Huber, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Iconic 3D architecture in the Middle East - latest developments in 3D BIM, computerized design and innovative fabrication technology
  • Etihad Museum
  • Dubai Opera House
  • National Museum of Qatar

Thomas A. Winterstetter, Werner Sobek Stuttgart, Germany

BIM: People, processes, technology and methods
  • Methods of using BIM
  • Process of planning of building and operation
  • Techniques and tools

Manfred Huber, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Improving the energy efficiency and indoor comfort of remote-region health clinics
  • Challenging climates and infrastructural constraints to sustainable buildings
  • Energy and thermal performance and indoor environmental quality
  • Strategic interventions and design solutions for future clinic buildings via BIM

Steve Burroughs, University of Canberra, Australia

Building skins, parametric design tools and BIM platforms
  • Parametric design tools and the link to BIM platforms
  • Geometric solutions for information model
  • Parametric workflows adapted to BIM

Wahbeh Wissam, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

BIM-driven whole-year simulation of buildings with active façades
  • Evaluating the true potential of innovative façades in a whole building context
  • Manufacturer product data for glazing, shading, PCM, BIPV, ventilated façades etc.
  • Design of advanced control systems for active elements

Per Sahlin, EQUA Solutions AG, Switzerland

15:30 Coffee Break