Session B5 : ABS

10.45 Concrete as Multi-Functional Material serving Building Energy Efficiency

Chair: Laury Barnes, R&D Director, VICAT, France

CONIPHER - CONcrete Insulation PHotovoltaic Envelope for deep Renovation
  • Development and integration of a multi-functional component
  • Plug-and-play panel for easy and fast deep renovation
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) components

Philippe Thony, CEA, INES, France

Bio-inspired solutions to increase thermal performance
  • Thermal strategies of termite mounds
  • The case of Eastgate building in Zimbabwe
  • Towards multifunctional envelopes

Estelle Cruz, Centre Européen d'Excellence en Biomimétisme, France

Development of active slabs to benefit from concrete thermal inertia in tertiary buildings
  • Innovative active slab specifications
  • Simulation of the active slab behavior
  • Optimization of control strategy

Bruno Georges, ITF, France

Exploitation of thermal inertia in detached houses: Winter valuation
  • Single family house with light envelope and concrete core
  • Thermal inertia couple to direct solar radiation to increase energy performance
  • Experimentation in a real size house

Arnaud Jay, CEA, INES, France

Multidisciplinary approach to assess the durability of hemp concrete
  • Hemp concrete for hygrothermal and acoustical comfort
  • Development of accelerated ageing tests in laboratory
  • Relation between microstructure and functional properties

Sandrine Marceau, Université Paris-Est, France

Development of foaming concrete
  • Workability and process
  • Foaming concrete as insulation material
  • Fire resistance and recyclability

Florian Chalencon, Vicat, France

12:30 Lunch