Session B4 : ABS

Day 2, Session Block B

08:30 New Forms of Concrete for Modern Building Envelopes

Chair: Ruth Morrow, Queen's University, Belfast, United Kingdom

Sprayed concrete for complex geometry façades
  • Architectural shotcrete
  • Innovative façade
  • Complex geometry

Valeria Postorino, Postorino & Associates Engineering, Milan, Italy

Aerogel mortars and possibilities for their application
  • Aerogel mortars for energy retrofits of existing buildings
  • Ultra-high performance aerogel for new building envelopes
  • Applications in building insulation

Daniel Sanz Pont, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Lightweight precast geopolymer sandwich panel for building retrofits
  • Production of cement-free concrete using waste materials
  • High-performance three-dimensional polymer nanostructures
  • Use of high-performance vacuum insulated panels to produce thin sections

Roisin Hyde, Queen's University, Belfast, UK

Super green concrete façade panels
  • Thinking through design and application
  • Low carbon concrete and waste stream
  • Testing

Elizabeth Gilligan, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

Return to source. Linen lace and concrete
  • Textile and concrete
  • Linen woven lace
  • Textile manufacturers

Ruth Morrow, Queen's University, Belfast, UK

Fiber cement façade: a new building in the historical center of L'Aquila, Italy
  • Urban planning in the Italian historical center: demolition and reconstruction
  • A "rigorous" fiber cement chaotic façade

Francesco Giancola, 2Studio Ingegneria e Architettura, L’Aquila, Italy

10:00 Coffee Break