Session D7 : ABS

16:00 Green Walls and Roofs for Enhanced Building Skin Performance

Chair: Valerie J. Amor, Drawing Conclusions, Brooklyn (NY), USA

Winter operation of green walls for energy savings in buildings
  • Thermal performance of green walls
  • Energy savings in summer
  • Winter thermal performance

Gabriel Pérez, University of Lleida, Spain

Integrating multiple building skins in response to climate change
  • Building skins to produce potable water, clean air, food energy, promote biodiversity, manage waste and support cultural identity
  • Policy, building and zoning codes

Valerie J. Amor, Drawing Conclusions LLC, Brooklyn, USA

Thermal performance of a double-skin green façade (DSGF)
  • Double-skin green façade of an office building in Shanghai
  • South-facing façade with strong cooling effect
  • Comparing configurations of DSGF parameters

Feng Yang, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Green façade system for indoor air purification
  • Incorporating Azolla algae as a natural air purifier
  • Green façade system to improve indoor air quality
  • Reducing energy consumption by reduction in inlet flow

Houman Parhizkar, National University of Iran, Tehran, Iran

Improving cross-ventilation by integrating productive façade into tropical passive design
  • Solar shading
  • Urban farming module
  • CFD air flow simulation

Chao Yuan, National University of Singapore

17:30 End of Conference