16:00 Integrating PV as Shading Device

Chair: Seung-Ho Yoo, Architectural Environment Lab, Sehan University, South Korea

Individual autonomous blind control system with PV-slat sensors
  • Adaptable autonomous blind control system for an individual window
  • Electricity from PV to operate the blind control system

Han Li, Kyushu University, Japan

Two visions for adaptive solar lightweight structures
  • Expressive and spatial potentials of kinetic solar façades
  • Combining passive shading with active PV energy production
  • Integrating design knowledge with interdisciplinary student team

Timo Carl, University of Kassel, Germany

PV modules as static solar shadings
  • Calibration of a building model
  • Parametric optimization of passive static shadings
  • Retrofit of a paleontological site in Rome

Marco Lovati, Eurac research, Bolzano, Italy

Parametric design of an adaptive solar façade
  • Adaptive shading and PV electricity generation over glazed surfaces
  • Two degrees-of-freedom pneumatic actuation of lightweight PV panels on building façades
  • Construction of full-scale adaptive solar façade

Prageeth Jayathissa, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

BIPV system as a shading device
  • Ecological PV design methods
  • Multi-purpose characteristics of PV shading devices for building façades

Seung-Ho Yoo, Sehan University, South Korea

17:30 End of Conference Day 1