Networking and how to make contacts at Advanced Building Skins

We have put together some ideas on how to network at the conference:

Your participation goes way beyond just attending our conference sessions. In order for you to make new contacts, we have left plenty of time before and after the conference sessions to allow you to meet other participants.

You are able to meet your fellow participants before the conference begins. The exhibition opens at 11:30 am. Please feel free to visit the exhibitors and meet attendees before the opening. The registration desk where you pick-up your badge opens at 11:00, giving you plenty of time to visit the exhibition area and meet fellow participants. Although we don’t serve lunch on the first day, we will provide sandwiches for early arrivals.

Arrive with the right mindset: you aren't there merely to attend the conference sessions; you are also there for the people that create the experience and make the event. Please have fun, laugh, learn and set out to make friends. We have long coffee and lunch breaks (45 and 90 minutes, respectively), which will give you plenty of time to visit the exhibiting companies as well as meeting fellow attendees.

The Evening Reception will be held in the exhibition area of the Kursaal. The foyer of the Kursaal offers a spectacular view of the old town of Bern, the Cathedral and the Aare river. Bern's quaint Old Town is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, a gem of medieval architecture in Europe. The reception will take place on Monday once the last conference session has ended and will begin with a welcome drink followed by waiters serving small canapés. This will give exhibitors the opportunity to chat to participants in a relaxed atmosphere.

We will share a list of attendees two weeks before the conference in order for you to reach out to other attendees, speakers and exhibitors before the conference. Don’t be shy to contact fellow participants. Our participants often share mutual interests. We will also provide lists on who attends which session These will help you to find people with the same interests as you.

You can contact fellow participants through LinkedIn’s Find Nearby, a feature to connect with like-minded peers at an event. You will need to use the LinkedIn app for this, you can’t access LinkedIn via your mobile browser; and Bluetooth needs to be turned on. The app will show you people you are already connected with, and people who you need to “request connection” with. Since Bluetooth’s range is only 10m, don’t expect LinkedIn to provide a list showing every participant immediately. The app will help you to know the names of people, who are around you, making it easier to start a conversation. When you leave the Find Nearby screen, it’s turned off and you’re back to your usual level of LinkedIn privacy. We are currently discussing with Xing to provide a similar feature on their app, too.