Call for Papers and Call for Session Topics
19th International Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo
28-29 October 2024, Bern, Switzerland

We are inviting you to either:

  1. present a paper on a topic falling within the scope of the conference;
  2. and/or to organise a session with 6-7 speakers.

You will find the list of conference topics here.

How to Submit a Paper

  • Proposals should be sharply focused and avoid an introduction to the topic or a description of your organization.
  • Proposals should include the following information:
    • paper title plus 3 bullet points
    • author’s and co-author’s names
    • phone number, email address and postal address
    • synopsis (3,000 characters) with 6 keywords
  • Bullet points are 30-50 characters long, see the samples of appropriate bullet points; do not use words like Introduction, Results or Conclusions as bullet points.
  • Submit your proposal by 1 March via our submission page.

How to Submit a Session Proposal

A session proposal consists of 6-7 speakers. Organizers of a session undertake to:

  • specify a topic
  • assemble 6-7 speakers
  • attend the conference and chair the session.

Please include the following information in your proposal:

  • the Chair’s name, job title and organization
  • email addresses and phone numbers of speakers
  • the title of the session
  • title and 3 bullet points of each presentation
  • synopsis of 3,000 characters
  • brief Curriculum Vitae or résumé on page two of your proposal.

Speakers must come from different organizations, i.e. only one speaker representing a particular company is allowed.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and should contain a mix of architects, engineers, planners, building owners/developers, manufacturers and representatives from the construction (façade) companies who will present their points of views on a specific project.

Session proposals should be sent to by 1 March. You can download the template for your session proposal here.

The Conference Committee will review your proposal. Submitters will be notified by 31 March regarding the status of their proposal.

Registration Fee

Speakers are required to register for the conference by 30 April to qualify for the reduced conference fee of 540 EUR (regular fee is 680 EUR). The registration fee includes lunch and coffee breaks, live stream of the presentation and the publication of manuscripts in the conference documentation. Full papers received by 31 August will be included in the conference documentation.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline for paper proposal and session topics:
  • Abstracts approved by:
  • Registration deadline for speakers:
  • Submission deadline for full manuscripts:
  • Deadline for PowerPoint presentations:
  • 19th Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo:

1 March
31 March
30 April
31 August
30 September
28-29 October 2024

The Conference Committee

Cinzia Abbate



AeV Architetti, Rome, Italy

Steve Burroughs



University of Canberra, Australia

Matthew Fineout



Director AE7, Dubai

David Frey



HOK Los Angeles, USA

Michael Garrison



University of Texas at Austin, USA

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